Certificate of Electrical Installation in Barcelona

Certificate of Electrical Installation in Barcelona

Certificate of Electrical Installation in Barcelona

Certificate of electrical installation in Barcelona

There are two types of Electrical Installation Certificate, better known as a blue light bulletin or Brie and the second is a white bulletin

Certificate of Electrical Installation in Barcelona Brie or blue bulletin
White bulletin [/ caption]

This type of Certificate of electrical installation is required by the light supplier company with whom you have contracted the electric power service in Barcelona, ​​only by an authorized electrician, it verifies that the electrical installation of A place or house complies with current regulations.

The purpose of this certificate or bulletin is to ensure that the electrical safety of the building is adequate, since it is verified that the installation is up to date with the regulations of minimum security measures, such as that it has a differential and magnetothermal to prevents short circuits from creating fires.

For the electrical installation certificate or blue bulletin, it is done for the following reasons:

Whenever there is a change of owner of the house, premises, or commerce, if the installation is less than one year off or has supply but only to change its name.

If you want to change electricity distribution company.

If you want to modify, increase or decrease the contracted power less than 50%

High supply when the home is new and there is an electrical installation subject to the new regulations.

If your business changes activity you also need a blue or Brie newsletter.

If the electric distributor you have hired you request it in an official inspection.

If you need the White Bulletin electrical certificate, it must be done when:

If you change your name, be it a home or business premises and the installation has been discharged for more than 20 years.

If a new meter is installed in the home or commercial premises and the electricity supply has been removed for more than one year.

When you request a modification in the installation or increase in power greater than 50%

If you cancel an electric meter and install an electrical panel.

If you have a business or rent a place and change your activity.

as in the previous section, if you request a new installation in an inspection of your electricity supply company, adjusting it to the new one current regulations.

These types of electrical installation certificate can be:

– Housing and building communities.

– Places of public attendance (Whatever your occupation):

Bars, restaurants, call centers, discos, sanatoriums, asylums, etc. The newsletter is always accompanied by a Electrical Project (Performed by an Engineer) and Initial Inspection by a collaborating Industry entity.
-For occupancy of more than 40 m2 (public area):
Libraries, schools, gyms, dance schools, medical offices, shops or stores (food stores, clothing store, hairdresser, bakery, fruit shops, etc.), exhibition halls, cultural centers, social and sports clubs. It is accompanied by a Electrical Project and its newsletter , as long as the area to the public is more than 40 meters.

– Warehouses, factories and industrial warehouses.


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