Bet on a good Air Conditioning Maintenance Service …

Bet on a good Air Conditioning Maintenance Service ...

Bet on a good Air Conditioning Maintenance Service …

How to do a good maintenance of air conditioning?

When the entrance to the summer is around the corner you must take precautions and check the condition of your air conditioners to ensure that they work properly. This can be achieved by carrying out a series of repair work or air maintenance conditioning in Barcelona , which are normally described in the equipment manual depending on the conditions of the equipment. This work may seem a bit complicated, but you will be able to optimize it by following some basic instructions to achieve optimum performance of your equipment. When you start you must perform a first filter cleaning before the first year of use after a long period of shutdown, you should not overlook checking both the outdoor and indoor unit!

Air conditioning maintenance in Barcelona; The outdoor unit.

To achieve a good result when starting your air conditioning maintenance in Barcelona , the first thing you should do is inspect the outside of your equipment to ensure that there are no refrigerant gas leaks, verify that the The condition of the supports is in good condition, absolutely eliminate all obstructions that may impede the passage of air through the pipes, and clean the dust from the grid with a wide brush.

Indoor Unit of Air Conditioning Maintenance

The accumulated waste in any air conditioning filter negatively affects performance and produces unpleasant odors. To clean them you can use neutral soap and plenty of water, before reinstalling the filters in the equipment let them dry; In case they are in poor condition, you must make a substitution of them.

Also in the lower part of the filters, you must clean all that space that is left, for this task it is recommended that you use a hydro jet with water and a couple of drops of bleach, be very careful not to wet the support of the electronic board, the water with all the dirt will fall directly to the condensate tray, to conclude the process of maintenance of air conditioning in Barcelona , put the equipment in ventilation mode, clean the tank that collects the water and applies bactericides if necessary.

Check the operation and performance of control thermostats! With all these checks, cleaning and repair or replacement of parts that were damaged, your air conditioning equipment will be ready to start using them this summer. You should also know that energy efficiency has a direct relationship with accepted maintenance, damage to equipment directly affects, is a loss of efficiency. Keep in mind that making good use of them will prolong the life of your electrical appliances for durability and improves efficiency. The exit paths of the air conditioner have ducts, do it by means of the discharge grilles, which can be fixed, or in its adjustable version with a geared function, even with the help of thermostatic meters to manage the temperature of the rooms independently.

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