Emergency Electricians in Barcelona

Emergency Electricians in Barcelona

Emergency Electricians in Barcelona

Emergency Electricians in Barcelona.

The electrician is the professional responsible for installation, repair and maintenance of electrical systems, boards, breaker, power plants, fixing plugs among others, the person who is dedicated to this job is called an electrical technician, there are different types of specialties in this area, depending on the work to be done, since This has risk levels, some of this are a specialist in public lighting, electrical repairs in appliances, installation and maintenance of high voltage systems, premises and residence facilities and Emergency Electricians in Barcelona.

Functions of Emergency Electricians in Barcelona

As we mentioned earlier electricians are responsible for carrying out a series of activities inherent in electricity, following all the regulations required by the national electrical code known as the NEC code, some of the most outstanding activities are:

  1. Fix plugs and sockets.
  2. Load center facilities.
  3. Works with starters and electric limiters.
  4. Installation and maintenance of high voltage lines.
  5. Industrial electrical panels.
  6. Supply and installation of boards and breaker.
  7. Installation of frequency inverters.
  8. Solenoid valves, frequency limiters.
  9. Connection in stars and delta of transformers.
  10. Adaptation and installation of pipes for electrical installations.
  11. Repair of three-phase and single-phase electric motors and their respective maintenance.
  12. Jobs of Emergency Electricians in Barcelona 24 hours.
  13. Some electronics works like automation, actuators, sensor and transducers
  14. Analog and digital signals
  15. Programmable logic controllers.

Tools used by Emergency Electricians in Barcelona

Among some of the work items used by technicians Emergency Electricians in Barcelona , we have:

  1. Pliers: This tool is used to cut, fold, hold and tighten.
  2. Multimeter: Called tester or multimeter, it is an instrument used to measure the intensity or magnitude of electrical activity, capacity, potentials and currents.
  3. Screwdriver: Used to tighten or loosen screws.
  4. Insulating tape: Also called insulating tape, it has insulating properties, has a pressure adhesive, is made of PVC and is used to tie electrical cables or insulate joints, it is very resistant.
  5. Cables: It is one of the most used materials in electricity, they are copper wires covered by an insulator, it is a current conductor.
  6. Wire stripper: Used to rive terminals and strip wires.
  7. Voltage detector: It is known as a pole search and verifies the voltage of the plug.
  8. Plotting Point: Used to dot and mark reference lines.
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