Repair of urgent gas leaks in Barcelona

Repair of urgent gas leaks in Barcelona

Repair urgent gas leak in Barcelona

From ACA AGRUPACIÓN, q we will advise you on how to act in the event of an urgent gas leak, a quick solution and safe to act in a few minutes.

First of all in case of an urgent gas leak, take all precautions and call us as soon as possible at 666 626 666. Then ventilate the area as much as you can, do not turn on anything that could cause an explosion and get away from the affected area.

Repair of urgent gas leaks in Barcelona

Now we will give you some advice on how to act in case of an urgent gas leak:

Take a quick assessment by calmly observing to determine the danger of an urgent gas leak.

Close all stopcocks, all appliances that use gas must be closed including the general key, if the gas smell persists …

Open all windows to ventilate the area, do it if you do not hear the sound of gas escaping, if you feel with symptoms of suffocation or dizziness, you must take fresh air and request medical assistance call 112 and leave the door open in case you feel that you faint …

Do not handle any electrical device or switch as it can cause a spark, acting as a wick causing a serious explosion, under no reason use anything with fire such as wax, candle or flashlight. Do not smoke or call from your mobile phone at the place of the gas leak. If a fire flame starts, leave the place and ask the fire department urgently for help at 080.

Call the gas company you have contracted urgently, Depending on the contract you have with them and the fault that exists in your home, they will proceed to identify the problem and repair it, otherwise they will indicate the steps to follow:

Fecsa-Endesa: 800 760 706

Natural Gas- Fenosa: 900 750 750

Repsol Butano, S.A .: 901 121 212

Once you have managed with your gas supply company the steps that they indicate for this type of emergency in gas leakage in Barcelona, ​​if your contract does not include this type of repairs, they will tell you that you must hire an authorized and approved technician to perform the repair.

Call us at 93 444 9090. We are a gas repair technical service and specialist in this type of gas leak repairs, we serve in Barcelona, ​​Badalona, ​​San cugat, Sabadell, Santa Coloma de Gramanet, Castelldefels, Gava, Viladecans, Hospitalet, Cornella and other locations in Catalonia.

We carry out work safely and adapt any gas leak repair according to the new regulations in force. [/ embed]


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